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psychologist| consultant| diversity specialist
specializing in training mental health providers and organizations in the areas of sexual orientation, gender identity, and race.
Therapy Sessions


Cultural Competency

Not just a catchphrase or a mandate, but instead, a better way of relating to your clients.


How Can DSW Help?

Providing a safe environment for the exploration of cultural dynamics that many may find difficult to discuss.


LGBTQ Specialty

We specialize in working with the LGBTQ community and providing training specific to this population.


Provider Training

Delivering workshops, training, and "train the trainer" experiences.


Consultations about specific diversity-related client issues.


The DSW Approach

DSW Diversity Consulting understands the importance of integrating diversity and multiculturalism into the workplace. Recognizing the unique needs of your clients ensures that they have a positive experience and feel valued, leading to their continued engagement. Research has shown that employees who feel that their diverse identities are supported are happier and more productive - meaning they are more effective in their respective employment roles.

DSW Diversity Consulting offers several different options to meet the needs of your organization. For healthcare facilities, we offer training and provider consultations. For business organizations, we offer seminars, single and multi-day trainings, and train-the-trainer options as well as policy review and writing and marketing review. Services are not limited to those listed above. Contact us and we can design a product to fit your needs.

About Dr. Shauri-Webb

Dr. Shauri-Webb is a licensed clinical psychologist who lives and works in the metro Atlanta area. Working in the healthcare field has given her the unique perspective of understanding the needs of both the patients and the healthcare facilities that serve them.

Our Clientele

Specializing in working with healthcare systems, private or group practices, business organizations, police departments, groups, and teams.




Clinical Excellence


Reducing Healthcare Disparities


Safe Training Environments

Nonjudgmental Instruction

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Shauri-Webb speak to the freshman class at Fisk University on two occasions concerning diversity and LGBTQ issues. Her presentation was very powerful and she provided education concerning the need to have a diverse attitude as a new student on the college campus. The students they were going to come in contact with would come from all walks of life and may be very different from the environment they were coming from. Dr. Shauri-Webb emphasized how important it would be to keep an open mind and be accepting for their own sake as well as the sake of others. Very powerful and informative speaker!

Rebecca, age 68

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