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Understanding the dynamics of individuals from different racial, ethnic, gender, and religious groups is crucial to providing effective care to clients and business consumers. DSW Diversity Consulting provides the training necessary to help integrate this learning into your organization's culture in order to help you better respond to the needs of your clients.


Unconscious bias refers to the social stereotypes that individuals may hold against a group of people that happens outside of the individual's awareness. These implicit notions are made automatically but may have large consequences. Everyone makes these snap judgments - many times without even realizing. DSW Diversity Consulting provides a safe space to start the conversation and begin the journey to a deeper understanding of ourselves and those around us so that we may be better attuned to our blind spots.


Multiculturalism is important in providing effective care to your clients, but it is also important within the workplace. Employees who believe their cultural identities are being affirmed and respected have been found to be happier, more productive, and likely to remain loyal to the company. Not only is diversity and inclusion the right thing to do, it's also good business!

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