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     Consultation Services

Consultation Services

We have the know-how you need.

Provider Consultation

Are you working with a patient who presents with complex multicultural issues with which you need some guidance? We can help you conceptualize the case from a multicultural perspective to help reveal blind spots and improve patient care and outcomes.

Marketing Review

Does your organization utilize written or visual materials that are visible to the public such as brochures, paperwork, video, or digital images? Allow us to review these to ensure that they are culturally-aware and sending the right message to reduce the possibility of public backlash.

Policy Writing

Is your business just starting out and you need help with writing diversity-related policies? We would love to sit down with you to determine your organization's culture and draft a policy to support the initiatives.

Policy Review and Revisions

Does your business or practice already have policies in place that address multicultural issues? Is it time for a review or update? We would be happy to review these documents for you  and provide feedback and/or revisions.

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