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Cultural Competency

At DSW Diversity Consulting, we strive to move beyond simple "diversity" and instead encompass the ideals of multiculturalism. What's the difference? It's actually an important one. When people speak of diversity, they are typically thinking more about the differences between groups. In contrast, "multiculturalism" broadens this view and recognizes and celebrates the many different cultures that are present within our society. Multiculturalism encourages individuals to not only see the differences, but to gain an awareness of the roles we each play and how those interact with other people.


DSW Diversity Consulting's training series are focused on helping providers to attain cultural competency through techniques such as self-reflection, goal-setting, creating realistic action plans, and nonjudgmental training environments. Multiculturalism and cultural competency provides a way of interacting with clients to help them feel more understood and appreciated, thus increasing the likelihood that they will engage in treatment.

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