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Healing Your Inner Critic

For some reason, you've always had a nagging feeling that you just weren't good enough. You've seen it show up in multiple areas of your life: 

In Romantic Relationships

  • You seem to always choose people who are emotionally unavailable.

  • You're always the pursuER and not the pursuEE. 

  • You stay in relationships long after it's over because you don't believe you'll ever find someone as great again.

  • You've been through this before: you keep dating the same bad 'situation.'

  • You date people who say they don't want a relationship, but you hope you can change their mind.

  • Fear of abandonment - or fear of commitment.

With Your Family

  • You've dealt with either physical or emotional abandonment by your family.

  • Everyone comes to you with their problems, which can become overwhelming at times.

  • You feel like the black sheep of the family.

  • You are the family caregiver - to the point where you neglect your own needs.

  • You find it hard to say "no."

In Your Job, Career, or Education

  • You're constantly trying to prove yourself.

  • You work extra hard or work long hours to prove your worth.

  • You continuously earn extra credentials or degrees as a measure of your credibility or self-worth - but still don't feel like you're worthy.

  • You feel like you don't belong.

  • You feel like you don't measure up to your classmates (or colleagues).

  • You wonder if you're smart enough to be there.

  • You wonder if you actually earned your spot or if it was simply given to you because of your race/gender/etc.

In Platonic Friendships

  • People take advantage of you.

  • You go out of your way to help others, but it's rarely reciprocated.

  • You put up emotional walls or isolate yourself so that you don't get hurt.

  • You feel like you're in your friends' shadow - like they shine, but you don't.

Despite the many ways it shows up in your life, one thing remains clear: you doubt yourself, you question your self-worth, and it prevents you from having the confidence to make the decisions that are best for your life.

I'm here to help with that. We've all had to learn to navigate heartache and rejection in relationships. It hurts. What happens next is critical. Do you keep moving or does it knock you down like a steamroller? I'm here to help pick you back up. We'll explore the origins of these "I'm not good enough" beliefs - and then work to heal them. Most importantly, you'll gain the confidence to make healthier decisions about the people you choose to have in your life. I'll help you to realize your worthiness so that even if rejection happens again, it won't cripple you. You'll be able to move forward knowing that rejection doesn't define you. No one person holds the key to your worthiness. Together we will work to shift your thinking and ultimately, quiet your inner self-critic. 


You deserve it.

You are enough.

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