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Recovery from Abandonment.

Enjoy healthier relationships.

Love yourself more.

It's time for something healthy.

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You don't know when or why it started, but you realize that you don't think you'll ever find exactly what you're looking for - whether it's a loving relationship, a successful career, or a happy family life. You compare yourself to other people and feel like you come up short. You can see that the choices you make are based on this negative self-image and directly impact your life - but you don't know how to do anything differently. As you go forward, your Inner Critic gets louder and louder, telling you that you don't deserve better - that you're just not good enough.


You start to believe it.

Hi, I'm Dr. Deauna Shauri-Webb. I'm here to help you fight against that Inner Critic so you can begin experiencing the life you deserve. It's time to begin having a better relationship with yourself and believing that you can achieve all of your goals. Let's begin the journey to loving yourself more.

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